SOS @ Fringe Club

Last Friday Steve and I played four pieces from Son of Science at the Melbourne Fringe Festival Club (North Melbourne Town Hall). We were “drawn”, the drawing photographed via a mobile and emailed direct to a moblog server in the US.


Photo courtesy Troy’s moblog where you’ll find more from that evening. Are there no services of this kind in Australia yet? If we ever get D3 version 2 off the ground the answer will be yes, but it’ll be a lot more focused than the free for all from the US and most certainly add free.

We opened with Die Like a Tourist, by far the best piece of the night.


The remaining pieces were all instrumental but the PA was not up to the task. On stage the sound was appalling which does nothing for ones confidence as it feels as if it sounds bad every where. The sound person did the best he could, but the powered speakers were crap and could no handle our broad harmonic pallate.

I was glad to get that set over and done with, but apparently it didn’t sound too bad at all. That all our friends had been drinking since 5pm probably helped! Besides, people weren’t really there to listen to a couple of guys and their laptops. They were there to be entertained and keep the bar staff busy.


Despite the quality of the sound system, the Fringe Club is a great venue. Son of Science ain’t quite right for it, but Fierce Throat, our screaming throat choir of some years back, would have been perfect! And it was… We performed at the opening of the Fringe Festival way back in 1996.

Our faces were wrapped in plastic at the start of the performance. It was seen to be so disturbing that one of the organisers asked us to not use the plastic for any further performances. There were plenty of photos taken that evening, but we are yet to see any so I have no idea how grotesque or disturbing we actually were.

Photos by Troy Boulton and Brent Stevenson.

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