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On Commons Graz

It was a brisk, crisp walk to the Schloss Berg in Graz where the last in a series of public discussions on the commons was being held. The venue, Dom in Berg, a theatre carved out of a mountain (the Schloss Berg itself), actually in the mountain, provided an inspired setting for what turned out to be a pivotal, necessary and invaluable exchange of ideas and debate.

secret garden

It began with a single photo, a b/w self-portrait with the accompanying text, "open the door, leave the room". http://www.flickr.com/photos/29518917@N00/78633614/ Flickr supports a commenting system which appends text from individual authors, other Flickr users, to individual photographs. From these comments one can cross-reference other people's photo archives enabling one to broaden out through countless networks, … Continue Reading ››