Terminal Quartet

The Terminal Quartet first appeared in Melbourne 2003 and grew into an international Quartet performing in Korea, Austria and Australia.

Members have included Ollie Olsen, Steve Law, Joseph ‘Seppo’ Gründler, Ludwig Zeininger, Peter Venus, Robert Henke (aka Monolake), Ash Wednesday (Einstürzende Neubauten), Ross Bencina (Audiomulch), Jin Sangtae, Ryu Hankil, Choi Soohwan, Hong Solme and Australian luminaries Andy Bagley, John Grant, Jeremy Yuille, Julian Knowles, Andrew Kettle, Paul Abad and Lawrence English.

The Terminal Quartet performs structured improvisations. Musicians research and arrange individual movements in isolation from each other as governed by the context and structure of Andrew Garton’s compositions, in particular the Drift Theory series. The Terminal Quartet is comprised of a fresh combination of musicians for each performance, each representing entirely different styles, skills, techniques, approaches and cultures.

Listen to the entire Terminal Quartet collection of live recordings.

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  • Graz-Stadt Drift: Josef ‘Seppo’ Gründler, peter Venus, Andrew Garton, a turntable. Stockwerk Jazz, Graz, 29 Jan 2009.
  • Licht Drift: Andrew Garton, Lawrence English, Andrew Kettle, Julian Knowles. Building an Australian Commons, ccSalon, State Library of Queensland, Jun 2008.
  • On Sacred Rights: Steve Law, Ash Wednesday, Andrew Garton, John Grant. Make It Up Club, Melbourne, Australia Day, Jan 2007.
  • In Drift We Trust: Andrew Garton, Ollie Olsen, Ross Bencina, Paul Abad with special guests Robert Henke (aka Monolake) and Steve Law. Make It Up Club, Melbourne, Feb 2006.
  • Synesthesia Urbania: Andrew Garton, Jin Sangtae, Ryu Hankil, Choi Soohwan, with special guest Hong Solme on cello. Syn Urbania, Art Centre Nabi, Seoul, South Korea, Aug 2005.
  • Drift Theory 01: Andrew Garton, Steve Law, Jeremy Yuille, Paul Abad. Secession Sessions, Lambsgobarrr, Melbourne, Nov 2003.

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