A selection of videos, micro-docs and performance works literally made with anything.


The Light Show

Before we cast video projections onto buildings on Melbourne’s Gertrude St there was Hugh McSpedden’s fantastic light shows. Having started in 1968 Hugh has never stopped bringing joy to Melbournian’s through his delicate, playful and often powerful projections. At the 2012 Gertrude St Projection Festival, Hugh arrived, an unofficial contributing artist, and parked a block away from the fixed exhibits and fired up his rig direct from a van and small generator. Passersby were delighted.

Opening night of The Light Show, Melbourne Fringe 2012, at St Andrews Hall in rural Victoria, Australia. Features projection artist Hugh McSpedden and Sun-Bus-5 – Chip Wardale, Andrew Garton, Steve Law and Kate Adam.

Tong Tana

From the debut performance of TONG TANA, a live version of Free of Sin, I’ve cobbled together (edited) with stills, found images, video portraits of Penan from Long Kerong (Ulu Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia) and video shot at the concert.

TONG TANA is a fusion cabaret realised in collaboration with South African sound illusionists, Benguela and Cape Town based visualist, Andrew Parker (aka Image Master Blink).

Performed at Alliance Francaise, 29 July 2009, Cape Town, South Africa.

Performance for solo voice, oral microphone, hard curve saturation and open licensed visuals. Performed for the launch of the book “Re-inventing Radio”, a Kunstradio initiative, at the The MAK, Vienna, October 2008.

GRIT 02 examines the death of analogue broadcasting by way of readings from numerous sources describing the process of enclosure on public spectrum, the airways and the cultural diversity it affords humanity. The digital spectrum promises to further the spread of sameness the world over.

Homogeneity means “being similar throughout”. What homogeneity brings to societies is an illusion. Sameness is celebrated. Difference is discarded. It is a monoculture, a folly. Sameness will be our undoing.

GRIT 02 includes extracts from the Frequency Post series curated by Garton for KunstRadio, samples from works by Warren Burt, Pei, Steve Law, Ollie Olsen, Jin Shan and Garton.

Visuals from Rot Emulsion by Andy Thomas and Andrew Garton.

Archive sampler of an audio / visual performance commissioned for the opening of the 2001 Taipei International Arts Festival.

Features Don Dale, a work by Robert Iolini from Wrong way Go back!, based on the experiences of inmates, former inmates and potential inmates of Darwin’s notorious Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre.

Performed by Andrew Garton, John Power, Kim Bounds, Andrew Sargeant in collaboration with Monbaza, Jimi Chen, DJ Ty, VJ Vince and VJ Austin.

For more information see TS_report_UCTIAF2001.pdf

Archive remix of live performance of video and generative audio based on Korean video and sound works.

Performed by Andrew Garton (sound) and Kim Bounds (video) for the Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival, 2000.

SINAWE roughly translates as “improvisation” and is used in the making traditional Korean folk music.

Special thanks to the Korean artists who contributed to this work and Sookmyung University who hosted our visit to Seoul.

Performed by Fierce Throat at Trance Plant, Brisbane Powerhouse, 1994. Features opening sequences, various installations and performance artists from this land mark event.

God’s Tear’s Europa by Andrew Garton.

In memory of James D.

More videos on vimeo/agarton and engagemedia/toysatellite.

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