Spoken Word

The following works are an example of spoken word projects and performances.

Extract from TONG TANA an ethnographic sound work for radio produced in association with ORF/KunstRadio. Comprised of a sequence of field recordings, narrative and prose that describes both the plight of the remaining native forests of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, and the cosmology of the first peoples who desire to still live in them.


Based on text by David Nerlich, performed with Benguela in Cape Town, 2009. A most sublime performance… we gave, we got, we packed up, went home.

The Fierce Throat Screaming Choir. Performing at Glitch, Melbourne Fringe Festival, circa 1998. The choir: Andrew Garton, Joe S, Justina Curtis and Tim Ralph.

WARNING: Explicit lyrics

Written during a windswept, sobering visit to Robben Island, South Africa, where Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years imprisioned. Recorded at Dunmoochin, Cottles Bridge, Australia.

David Nerlich and I wrote this one using a kind of exquisite corpse technique around 1988/89. I’d performed it solo quite a few times since and it featured in the Bad Bards of Byron Tour, which saw a few of us original Live Poet’s Society founders take our voices down as far as Melbourne, then back up via Sydney. That was around 1992. I’ve always enjoyed the gothic nature of the piece.

Recorded at Dunmoochin in August 2011.

Burdekin City Neon was written after a night out at Sydney’s iconic Burdekin Hotel, corner of Oxford and Liverpool Sts, Darlinghurst. I’d also just read William Gibson’s Neuromancer and was staying at the Sheparden Newman Warehouse, in my mate’s roof-top abode. Performed in Black Harlequin by the character known as The Suit.

Recorded July and post-produced August 2011 at the near end of a two year residency at Clifton Pugh’s Dunmoochin, Victoria, Australia.

WARNING: Explicit lyrics

Soundscape for the Bamiyarra Not So Still(s) installation and exhibition. Based on a poem by Kabul based Hazaragi poet, Aziz Fayaz, performed by the Melbourne based Hazara media arts group, Bamiyarra.

Recorded and produced by Mr G in collaboration with Bamiyarra.

Fiji Beach (Stereo).mp3 licenced Public Domian

Early Morning on Yaquina Bay.wav by daveincamas, licencsed Creative Commons Attribution

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