Smitten Bridge

Smitten Bridge is a multicultural fusion of original songs and instrumentals by musician and filmmaker, Andrew Garton. Musical influences are drawn from ‘Zulu’ Maskande and Afrikaans Kaapse Klopse guitar styles fused with progressive folk, rock, jazz and flamenco elements performed by Andrew Garton (vocals and steel string guitars), Rachel Lowe (backing vocals and poetry), Aaron Leamon (nylon string guitar and vocals), Chip Wardale (electric bass and percussion).

Andrew is filmmaker and composer writing and performing since the early 1980s, playing keyboards, sax and guitar in numerous bands most notably Private Lives, Astrobeatniks, Lingo Babel and White Punks on Hope.

Andrew resides in regional Victoria releasing and producing via Secession/Records and Films.

Smitten Bridge are comprised of musicians who have collaborated with Andrew on numerous events and recordings forming as a band in 2013 to bring his music to audiences everywhere.

Tech requirements/sound

  • 4 x vocal mics (3 backing, one centre for lead vocalist)
  • 1 x mic for flutes
  • 2 (preferred) mics for marimba (1 if not feasible)
  • 2 x guitar amps either mic’d or DI’d
  • 1 x bass amp either mic’d or DI’d.
  • 3 mics for cajon rig (provided by percussionist)

Tech requirements/lighting

  • Plain white or black backdrop.
  • Pins or equivalent lighting over each musician (most will read off charts)


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