Higher Ground – Trailer

With the Bengoh Dam completed and the inundation of the Sarawak Kiri River looming, the Bidayuh of Upper Bengoh had two options. They could either leave their customary lands or stay.

As much of Upper Bengoh is comprised of the Bidayuh’s native customary land they chose to stay. In doing so they took on the Sarawak Government, the single most powerful institution in East Malaysia complicit in the forced removal of tens of thousands of indigenous peoples from their customary lands on the island of Borneo.

Trailer Dur: 01:47
Full length: 20 mins


Written, Produced and Directed by Andrew Garton
Colour grade  Mike Wilkins
Music  Bidayuh of Upper Bengoh, Andrew Garton
Auspiced by Auspicious Arts Projects Inc.
Produced in association with SACCESS

Special thanks to the Association for Progressive Communications and Mr Pang Wee for their support in the making of this film.

Project website sarawakgone.cc

For screening rights to Higher Ground contact Andrew Garton.

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