Ocean in a Drop

India’s invisible majority are poor yet literate in their own traditions and increasingly online. Ocean in a Drop is a film about these emergent online communities and an organisation that strives to provide one billion of them with access to the internet and digital literacy by 2020.

Ocean in a Drop is a new film from Andrew Garton – a chorus of diverse voices from rural India describing the impact broadband is having on individuals and communities there. It is a unique meditation on the transformations taking place, particularly among women and youth, as a result of access to critical and timely information within communities rich with indigenous knowledge and tradition otherwise described as “backward” or illiterate.

Ocean in a Drop overturns these perceptions as the Digital Empowerment Foundation strives to provide a billion of India’s poorest with access to broadband and the skills to use it by 2020.

Production status

Ocean in a Drop is presently in a post-production development phase seeking funds to complete the film. Funds permitting a launch screening at the India Habitat Centre in New Dehli is planned for 2 December 2015.

  • Mid-2014 Andrew Garton is invited by Osama Manzar to devise a film about the impact his organisation has made on rural India.
  • By November 2014 funds towards an on-location shoot, shot-logging, translations and transcriptions was raised jointly by New Dehli based Digitial Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and INOMY Media.
  • The film commenced on-location production in January 2015 with the last of four shoots wrapping in May.
  • Subtitling workshops were held at DEF utilising the open source subtitling tool Amara throughout May.
  • At the time of writing sixty of some 100 interviews have been translated, transcribed and sub-titled from Hindi and its various dialects to English.
  • As of August 2015 Ocean in a Drop is in post-production with the writing of its script intensively drawn from these transcriptions under-way.

Behind the scenes

Interviewing Sarun Khan, Chandauli Community Information Resource Centre, Alwar, Rajasthan. Photo - Cathy Chen
Interviewing Sarun Khan, Chandauli Community Information Resource Centre, Alwar, Rajasthan. Photo – Cathy Chen


Producer,  Writer, Director Andrew Garton
Director of Photography Jary Nemo
Line Producer, 2nd Unit Camera Rohit Dahl
Editor Andrew Garton
Videographer Mubeen Siddiqui
Translator Ravi Guria
Transcription leads Utida Chatuverdi, Mubeen Siddiqui
Social media, Production assistant Cathy Chen

Budget / Finance management Auspicious Arts

Produced in collaboration with the Digital Empowerment Foundation and INOMY Media.

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