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Open & Portable

Lecture for film-makers and new screen producers to assist in a more collective, less competitive approach to the availability of their content to audiences world-wide and the extent to which it may be possible to support one self through these means. Prepared for Open & Portable, curated highlights from the Portable Film Festival, Alliance Francaise, Cape Town, 5 August 2009.

CTV no go digital – Threats to community television in Australia

Presentation prepared for APC Equitable Access forum, 10 November 2007, Rio de Janeiro. Prepared by Andrew Garton based on materials by Karen Woulfe, C31 Digital Campaign Coordinator.


  • Australia supports a healthy community broadcasting licensing regime Since 1989 Australia has enjoyed an active, licensed community television community (CTV) of five broadcasters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, … Continue Reading ››

How video got online

Preamble prepared for FRAMED #02, lunchtime seminar series from OPEN CHANNEL in association with AFTRS and Digital Harbour. How video got online In a tiny New York hotel room sometime in the mid-80s three youthful and hopeful gentlemen sat together dreaming up ways and means to bring information about environmental degradation, climate change, human rights abuses, including … Continue Reading ››