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CTV no go digital – Threats to community television in Australia

Presentation prepared for APC Equitable Access forum, 10 November 2007, Rio de Janeiro. Prepared by Andrew Garton based on materials by Karen Woulfe, C31 Digital Campaign Coordinator.


  • Australia supports a healthy community broadcasting licensing regime Since 1989 Australia has enjoyed an active, licensed community television community (CTV) of five broadcasters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, … Continue Reading ››

Interview: Australia, where technology plays the role of spoilsport

“…despite a long-standing commitment to community broadcasting, the Australian government has yet to allocate a channel for the sector within the digital spectrum. In not doing so it turns its back on the long-standing support community broadcasters have enjoyed in Australia.” Andrew Garton - Program Director of the screen resource centre, OPEN CHANNEL. Continue Reading ››