Monolake’s back!

2006-02_04-07_Monolake 001.jpg

Robert returned to Melbourne last Friday to perform at the Deep Chord party on Saturday evening, 4 Feb, and with the Terminal Quartet on Tuesday 7 Feb. He’s been staying with us in Brunswick. Too little time…

2006-02_04-07_Monolake 005.jpg

Sunday afternoon in the park, St Georges Rd, Fitzroy… with Steve Law. A most enjoyable way to spend the day and the music was remarkable.

2006-02_04-07_Monolake 007.jpg

2006-02_04-07_Monolake 008.jpg

2006-02_04-07_Monolake 009.jpg

2006-02_04-07_Monolake 014.jpg

Robert and Steve listen back to a recording of their Sunday afternoon improvisation.

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