Shrink Wrapped

Shrink Wrapped

I refuse to be commodified… and yet packaged, one’s audience is more broadly defined, more widely accessible… can homogenisation be beaten within the market place?

Photo taken 1992, modified 2006.

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4 thoughts on “Shrink Wrapped”

  1. I ask myself the same thing very frequently.

    I hate that each singer/artist must be put into a category, that the controversial or confrontational aspects of their art are being removed. However, sometimes I wonder if these things are necessary evils that set a higher standard for artist while dumbing them down in the same stoke.

  2. The challenge is the set those standards and not allow one to be dumbed down. “Come on Eileen” from the Dexy’s Midnight Runners is one example of a song that become some what of a hit but retained its integrity, the group to some degree as well… and it was a rousing song that also drove home a message amidst Thatcher’s tortured England.

    For me, I just aspire to bridge that which may be termed the “spirit” with my own inner being and the skills that I can muster in this wee pinch of a life… and to express that within the context of a performance when the audience feeds into that process, and energy that can often drive one to such extremes it can be elatory. Whether this is mainstream or not, I don’t particularly care anymore. Time to grow again and discard that which does not nurture nor nourish the soul.


  3. This is a beautiful philosophy, that you care only for that which will nurture and nourish the soul; nothing else really matters.

  4. that’s right, brock. nothing else matters… there is only time enough for that which matters. and then there is change…

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