Licht Drift

Notes for a new structured improvisation in the Drift Theory series for the Terminal Quartet.

Licht Drift is the eighth collaborative composition in the Drift Theory series. Drift Theory is a structured improvisation, each performance entirely unique, each performance influencing the next, exerting notions of drift as it may occur in creative, social and psychological development, both of the performers and the piece itself.

Licht Drift, inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s epic operatic cycle, Licht, is based on four movements, each movement draws references from sacred music, sounds and text the world over.

All four movements, conceived independently by each performer, and in isolation from each other, must ensure that principles of drift influence the overall direction and outcomes of, for example, any cultural, political and astronomical contexts explored.

Drift is used to define a system having a distribution of events, objects, associations and intentions of individual velocities.

The theme(s) of the piece would be based on music as a communal, cultural process that seeks to transmit that which separates and that which brings us together…

In effect, I’m talking about creating an electro acoustic work that expresses separation, longing and unification – a contemporary work that draws on the sacred, that communicates to audiences through the relentless pace of commerce, its unyielding drain on finite resources and the homogenisation that results from its opportunistic outreach.

For more details about Licht Drift, go to the Secession wiki.

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One thought on “Licht Drift”

  1. Sounds amazing.. Stockhausen inspires some of the best.
    Sacred geometry of music to profane mathematics of commerce – possible eventual integration explored.
    Huge cultural themes make these underlying myths so much more energised.

    Going to visit my childhood friend Eva this year who lives in Stockhausen’s old haunt who’s the only friend who’s made it out to visit the hills of Warburton from Darmstadt!

    Will the players be in different countries to reflect authentic voice of their cultural location yet interact synchronously ? All the best with this project.

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