Kolo ‘sarawak’ Mee

Kuching mould By the time you read this I will be trekking into forest communities, where we commence work on the micro docs series, Sarawak Gone.

I should be back by Saturday at the latest to join the Rainforest Music Festival… a curious title given the ever decreasing rainforests in Sarawak!

And here, like so many places in the world, much work is still to be done… There is NO comprehension here of global warming let alone the dire food and energy crisis in the region. People are satisfied with their monstrous McMansions, 6 7 aircon units, 2 cars, plasma screens and Nestle diets. The few who care are few indeed and there are even less that work to make a smidgen of difference to the lives of those most affected by the plough-share mentality that has recently seen the destruction of a cave network nearby, barely explored. We are told these caves once provided natives with passage through the mountains, from one valley to the next… and all this on native title land that developers ignore because of the tight connections within government who will resort to courts and hit men when their idiot public relations campaigns fail.

In the few days I’ve been here the quality of the Kolo Mee hasn’t been as good as in previous trips. I’m told most vendors have stopped using pork fat as the base which has affected the taste significantly.

The one Laksa I’ve had was a little on the lame side, but the fern salad was, as always, sensational!

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3 thoughts on “Kolo ‘sarawak’ Mee”

  1. thanks for the update AG

    one of the guys i work with Will Miller spent a few years in sarawak as a kid when his dad was working there. he returned recently to check out the old town + school and re-live the fond memories of childhood but just could not find any recognisable landmarks. eventually he found the street where the school once stood surrounded by fields and forest etc – now a built up modern metropolis completely unrecognisable.

    safe travels

  2. u get to do all the cool things! I’m in malaysia atm also (just for 9 days & probably jakarta in a couple of weeks for a week) – KL & it’s more work work work. though I am taking the w/e off so I can take a look around the city a bit. not sure I’ll get much further than that. it’s very green here – so many lush trees and plants. I’d forgotten what tropical places looked like! green is such a great colour for the city. there seems to be a mix of new buildings & run-down ones – a bit like the ones in istanbul.

  3. KL! That’s quite close!

    Yes, it’s green in the city, but Malaysia has some of the fastest depleting forests of any where in the world. But yes, lush is the word…

    I’m particularly fond of the Chinese end of town where the food is sensational!

    Enjoy your stay… Sapporo is my next stop…

    Dave, this place is changing faster than I could’ve imagined. Even in the short time I’d last been here the rate of forest depletion is frightening, the urban sprawl so badly designed and traffic on the sharp incline.


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