“Drowned World” reviewed

The play I had recently completed music and sound pieces for got a pretty decent review in The Age.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the final result of my work, having had to deal with three, or was it four different briefs. Ended up producing far more material than I had intended and certainly far more than the play required in the end.

Happy for Kate Wild, the director, and the entire ‘profit share’ crew who threw themselves into this often difficult piece. The review is well deserved. I hope I get to see it before it closes tomorrow evening.

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2 thoughts on ““Drowned World” reviewed”

  1. they never comment on the music in theatre reviews …. the critics need a brush up their, well, they just need a brush up

  2. It may be that the music was so effective it was not intrusive…

    In this instance there was very little music. An intro and outro piece cobbled out of an entire song I had written for the play… the song was dumped despite an entire weekend spent on it. Then there were white noise-like sounds made from re-pitched breath at various intervals with stark attack and decay to emphasis scene changes.. and that was about it.

    A lot of material was dumped as the director got a clearer idea of what she wanted for the play… There wasn’t much call for me to add too many of my own ideas as I was working on such a tight schedule I never got to see a full run of the play.

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