Fierce Retrospective, La Ma Ma


It’s been something like 6-7 years since I’ve performed my voice works on stage… Part stand-up, part opera, part dada – one of my suite of creative outlets, a long-standing tradition of stage-craft that ebbs and flows through my family.


Doing the Fierce Retrospective as part of La Ma Mas Vox Eperimenta Cabaret (25 April, 2004) was personally liberating and I would do it again, and again and again were I to move deeper into this realm.


I performed the following pieces:

With A Will (written by David Nerlich)
Die Like a Tourist
Pathetic Human
Poodle Pup

The last two were performed as an encore at the bequest of the audience.

Special thanks to Melynda X who invited me to perform. She worked on a couple of my early performances way back in Brisbane, very early 90s.

Photos: Justina Curtis

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  1. Well, I think that craig is a really bright guy and I like the comments that he has made on your blog. But beware, I think that he is trying to take your blog over and use it as a platfrom for world domination. Infact I too belive that world povery is your fault and I am going to camp on your doorstep until you give us the answers before you turn 42 and forget about it.

  2. I have no answers, I have no guilt… You are being contrary, just like your mirror-mate. Point the finger of blame on someone who should be reminded of their ills. I am but one voice and like you…

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