YIDO – a 21C manifesto

YIDO, pronounced Why I do, is a draft manifesto on the value and making of art in the 21st century by a 20th century nomad weaning myself off the net and much more besides.

Help me write this manifesto. Add your thoughts, comments, grievances by creating an account on my wiki. When adding comments, I wouldn’t mind knowing who you are… that said, your anonymity will be respected.


What does a manifesto for this century proclaim if not a halt to all things that ail us? And what of art in this process? More than ever we require the means to shift, or rather, change consciousness towards an appreciation of all things that are, or ought be returned to the commons… including some idea of equity and re-assessment of how we consume, what we consume and how and what resources can be sustained. We are facing unprecedented turmoil.

Ice trees on approach to Wien, Jan 2009
Ice trees on approach to Wien, Jan 2009

Read the current draft of YIDO.

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