Travelling Smurf

It was 1997 when I made my first visit to Austria during which time I was the house guest of Monika Jouvert (formally known by her family name as Wunderer) and her flat mates. Their apartment housed a large community of Smurf’s who would leave messages for their human companions, often busy in the very early morning hours with chores, preparing the kitchen, for instance, for the days labour.

This is a a short film about one such Smurf, inspired by my own travels, who decided to venture out into the world with the support of his friends, his entire community and their elders. The Travelling Smurf documents his journey from Vienna to Camden Markets in London where he spent much of his time catching up with some old friends of mine.

The Travelling Smurf from andrew garton on Vimeo.

For Monica and the Mariahilfe strasse Crew of 1997!

Shot entirely on location in Vienna and London in 1997 on a Casio digital camera, 320 x 240 resolution.

A “Na ja, es ghet” Production!

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