The NOTHINGKNOWN prototype was launched as part of the CPU series at ESC, Graz, on Saturday, 4 October. The opening was part of an organised day trip of various galleries coinciding with the start of the city wide festival,  Steirischer Herbst.

The soundscape was generatively created from a piece that ran for 9 days. It consists of field recordings made from Iban longhouse communities in 1999.

The ESC tech support person, Peter Venus, helped to ensure my pieces were complete in the hour before people arrived by sharing the rendering and compressing load… we also managed to get a Toy Satellite showreel completed for another space at ESC. It become a popular spot for visitors to the gallery who found the soundscapes comforting, as someone described…

The NOTHINGKNOWN prototype turned out just as I had intended… I was moved by how it well it was received and that people have taken an interest in the Sarawak land rights issues the piece is largely drawn from.

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One thought on “NOTHINGKNOWN”

  1. Hi Andrew…..if the dam gets built it would be a criminal act. when are we going to learn how much still we can learn from the forests. the burning in that part of the world sickens me as well. Loved the music piece, tis now 4.30 in morning…still up working/whats new. Also loved the photos of you with our other family so so faraway. Hugs from me to all. More images of exhibition would please me.
    Take care…love you and keep warm.

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