Long road to Rio

It’s been a long road since I’d landed in Currajuggle and Mongarlowe… a road that has taken me back to Melbourne and Sydney twice, Akira’s 21st, Ma’s sudden heart related operation and on to Rio de Janeiro from where I now write these few words.

I’ve been here for over a week now attending the 10th APC Council Meeting during which we had set out the framework for our strategic plan for the next 5 years. We’d also ratified the revised Bylaws and voted in a new Board which saw me revoted to the Board and take up the position of Secretary.

The Council Meeting went directly into APC’s Equitable Access day, a series of forums and workshop style presentations that formed a kind of prepartory meeting to the Internet Governence Forum (IGF) which began yesterday.

I first visited Rio in 1992 as part of APC’s communications team which provided the Earth Summit with access to email for both the Global Forum (the NGO component of the Summit) and the UN meeting. Now we’re here to mobilise our Internet Rights Charter into the processes of the IGF.

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