The Light Show – A CD/DVD concept album released!

Last month I launched the 10th release from Secession Records and my 8th album since the label opened its doors in 1998. I guess you could call it a concept CD/DVD. The Light Show is a new collaborative work by Sun-Bus-5, a project Chip Wardale and I’d worked up. It was an awesome project and I’d be totally smitten if you were to purchase your very own copy, or one for someone you know would dearly enjoy this work.

Along with composers Steve Law and Kate Adam, Chip and I produced a truly beautiful album of mostly instrumental works and one spoken word piece. In fact the entire album is a single composition broken into various movements! The Light Show is packaged with a documentary, including extras, I’d made about legendary Australian projection artist Hugh McSpedden. The doco is based on a show of the same name we produced for the 2012 Melbourne Fringe.

We had The Light Show mastered by Simon Polinski (known for his work with Paul Kelly, Tim Fin, David Bridie and The Church) at Melbourne’s Sing Sing Studios.

It’s not often that I would write asking for your support, but I know you’ve often expressed interest in my music and art works so here I am informing you of my latest. And I’m tremendously proud of The Light Show.

We have 113 copies of this unique CD/DVD combo remaining. I know many of you would prefer digital copies of your music. This is possible too! You can download the entire album for $10, or a little more if you so wish. But you’ll miss out on the doco, the robust and colourful packaging, all of which was assembled by hand.

As digital downloads become increasingly ubiquitous the more durable record is getting rarer, though more precious too. Packages like ours tell stories about the music you’d miss out on if downloads are your preference.

However if you’re into owning your own limited release of The Light Show, knowing too that all sales go direct to the artists and our own label, so that we can make more great music and video, then you know what to do… and we’ve made it very easy for you to do so.


Purchase a digital download or the CD/DVD package

Get your order in and we’ll ship The Light Show out within 2 days. The CD/DVD package is AUD $30 + $4 postage anywhere. Each purchase supports the artists who have slogged it out to make this release happen and the many more we continue to work on.

And while we’re at it I’ve still got a few copies of Son of Science available… took me five years to produce and 6 months or near non-stop arranging, programming and production to complete… Also mastered by Simon Polinksi it marks a point in my life where improvisation and composition fused with sound design and my passion for jazz… not as a style, but as a technique, to get in under an idea and work on it until it reveals itself… much like solving a complicated puzzle.

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