Lazy cobra’s and golden monkeys

Thank goodness the rain has cleared!

Quiet Mountain, Hekpoort

I’m staying at the foot of the Magaliesburg Mountains, older than Everest – commonly referred to as the cradle of humanity. This place is only a few kilometres from the site of the most recent discovery of the oldest humanoid remains!

To sleep on a firm mattress in freshly lain cotton sheets, pillows that feel like clouds, it just astounds and excites me to think over 300,000 years ago our ancestors had emerged from the slime, descended from ancient trees and started the journey to us!

I’m here for an APC Board Meeting… we’re celebrating 20 years of being an Association for Progressive Communications! We’ve changed a lot over the years. In 1992 we had more countries online through social movements than the Internet did in 1993! 20 years on and we’re more active than ever…

After this I’m doing some recording with a mate of mine, Sifu Roy Macgregor, on the east of the country, then down to Cape Town, hopefully spend a day or two recording with Benguela.

I’ve not had time to write properly … in fact my journal weeps. Thankfully my guitar doesn’t. We take one and a-half hours break for lunch during which time I get to play a little, wandering through the grounds of this place, with it’s edible gardens, black swans in their own private lake, exotic plants and that sky, sheer blue above mountains that have witnessed the entire span of life from the “first plants to the first creatures”. And I get to experience it all over again tomorrow morning!

I’m told the earliest of organised peoples here were the Tswana. They were smelting mettle on the Magaliesburg Mountains when the Romans still ruled much of Europe.

Yes, the cobra’s are lazy and fat. One can “shoosh” them away. In fact the wasps are more dangerous than the snakes here.

The golden spider monkeys that live near the kitchen are cohabitants with the many cats and two handbag size dogs that live here. There’s horses and cows here too… it’s a micro garden of Eden! And I’ll wake to it again the day after tomorrow!

I’ve still yet to get to Kruger National Park, Maputo, Zanzibar (time and monies permitting) and back to Cape Town before I leave for a month in Indonesia! Good grief!!!

More photos on Flickr.

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