GRIT 02: Illusions of Homogeneity / Illusionen von Homogenität

Performance for solo voice, oral microphone, hard curve saturation and open licensed visuals. Performed for the launch of the book “Re-inventing Radio”, a Kunstradio initiative, at the The MAK, Vienna, October 2008.

GRIT 02 examines the death of analogue broadcasting by way of readings from numerous sources describing the process of enclosure on public spectrum, the airways and the cultural diversity it affords humanity. The digital spectrum promises to further the spread of sameness the world over.

Homogeneity means “being similar throughout”. What homogeneity brings to societies is an illusion. Sameness is celebrated. Difference is discarded. It is a monoculture, a folly. Sameness will be our undoing.

GRIT 02 includes extracts from the Frequency Post series curated by Garton for KunstRadio, samples from works by Warren Burt, Pei, Steve Law, Ollie Olsen, Jin Shan and Garton.

Visuals from Rot Emulsion by Andy Thomas and Andrew Garton.

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One thought on “GRIT 02: Illusions of Homogeneity / Illusionen von Homogenität”

  1. beautiful visuals and music. Just right for my frame of mind today.
    Sameness is ugly! That’s why the art are so important.

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