Die like a tourist

Written in the Philippines for Black Harlequin (1992), a spoken word opera. Performed solo and with the Fierce Throat Choir.

Die like a tourist
Your mama said you would
Crawl like hugo clockwork
Draggin chains from Daisy’s wood
You got blistered nipples so colourSo tortured by the sun
Mama’s doin time
While you load that special gun

Feet been walkin charcoal
Easter Island ruby red
Lips a Grand Canyon
A chika-bang goes that gun

Children be smilin n dreadful
Clothes a rippin yarn
Selling lava pumice
To stone washin jeans

Die like a tourist
Your eyes no goin where
Wearin thin them shutterin tumblers
Tumblin to yer grave . . .

I feel yer arms grippin vicely
Hands straining me goose flesh
No fiction no hidin no shirking feeble hearted
Like your mama said you would

Stonehenge casts a shadow
Pilgrims rock the cradle
Lonely planet she’s a’screamin
As the fires burn in Bosch’s hell

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