Border Song

Performing Border Song
Mark Tallon, Son of Science Ensemble, supporting Damo Suzuki, Revolver, Melbourne, January 2004

Border Song is largely inspired by my father’s early life, growing up in Eastern Europe through WW II, loss of youth, seeking out his White Russian mother… It’s an epic tale to be sure!

Border Song began its journey to your ears in the mid-1990’s during which time I was writing the spoken word opera, Auslaender. I began work on the score around the time I’d been working on the Son of Science album. I’d sung the first version, but had the talented Mark Tallon (No More Bandicoots, Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk) sing another and it was his take that this current mix is based on. We went on to perform it several times in the Son of Science Ensemble.

Mark’s slightly tougher vocals and Adrian Symes’ soprano sax were recorded in Melbourne late August 2007. 


Thanks to Steve Law for engineering this recording and Adrian for use of his house and lovely microphones. Mixed down at The Schoolhouse, Mongarlow, NSW.

The Border Song video clip, produced byJohn Power, was completed early 2008.

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