Barbara Tyrrell

This first of several installments from an interview Liane Greeff (EcoDocs Africa) and I had conducted with legendary South African artist, Barbara Tyrrell. It was autumn of 2009 and the location Fish Hoek, a suburb of Cape Town.

I’m mesmerised by her voice and the delight she takes in telling her story. Even after reviewing the interview, drawing up a rough shot log and editing this down I’ve watched it a dozen times since. I never tire of listening to Barbara. She’ll turn 100 in 2012.

Barbara Tyrrell and her beloved caravan
Barbara Tyrrell and her beloved caravan.
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5 thoughts on “Barbara Tyrrell”

  1. An amazing lady. I purchased a 1940’s painting of hers from an auction in Natal about 18 years ago. From then on I have interested in her life and journeys. Happy 100th birthday

  2. She truly is an inspiration. Have much more of that interview to edit. Love to see that painting. Do you have a photo of it online anywhere?

  3. keep imagining breaking her off and asking her something about what she just said – but then not wanting to miss anything – a hard interview subject, that way, you might have found. wonder if she has a relation to G. N. M. Tyrrell who wrote “The Personality Of Man” in the 1940s, it went popular in Penguin, not long before he died, young.

  4. I’ve not idea of the connection with G.N.M Tyrrell, but if he were some how connected to the Tyrrell’s in South Africa, highly likely. There’s a whole lot more I’ve yet to massage into a view-able interview. Have chunked it into topics, but got stuck trying to find a narrative thread.

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