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Regenerative Generative

Interactive sound and image performance, conceived in June 2000, by Andrew Garton and Ollie Olsen. Music is a quality organised in sound and in time, The quality is ungovernable, the forms of organisation are mainly governed by the cultures and societies in which the music appears. Robert Fripp, liner noters "Gates of Paradise" 1997 Regenerative Generative is the … Continue Reading ››

The 2030 Derive

On the occasion of Art's Birthday Andrew Garton revisits Radio Derive, a non-linear "re-invented" internet and radio play based on a 30 year plan to "manage growth and change across Metropolitan Melbourne." A reinterpretation of Radio Derive has seen the emergence of a new work, The 2030 Derive. The 2030 Derive deconstructs ministerial language, reducing … Continue Reading ››