World Wide Ambient Vigil


Over the coming weekend ambient sound artists the world over will perform over a 24 hour period works to both raise funds and create a unity of sound, a gesture of sorts, for Aceh.

In Australia two locations have come online, one in Sydney with Stuart Ridley and MIKE G in collaboration with Greenpeace. In Melbourne, or near abouts, I’ll be dedicating my two hour ambient set at the Rainbow Serpent Healing Zone towards the vigil. If you’re in the area, join me from 11am to 1pm, Saturday 22 Jan.

For more information and listing of other international locations and artists, visit:

This is a time to remember not only Aceh and the other victims of the Tsunami, but to keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of civilians who have lost their lives through human encounters in Iraq and other estranged countries the world over.

We are unable to control geological events, but certainly we can contain the self-interest and avarice of the few at the expense of the many.

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