Why I won’t cut my hair

In May of this year I will be 44. I have near on a 1cm of grey skunking from the roots of my hair. The rest is some faint resemblence of natural hair colour. And it’s this that I’m hanging onto for a while. I ain’t quite ready to lose that half of my life cause once it’s cut it ain’t ever comin back!

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One thought on “Why I won’t cut my hair”

  1. The Stalking Grey Hare (variation on the Black Dog)

    The skunking roots of despair wave impudently in the thickets in search of an ageist remark—
    Semaphore my life to anonymous crowds, momentarily diverted from their cocktails,
    But soon they will be lost in a cloud of smoke exhaled from careless youngs,
    Tapping to a disco beat, defying demons at the doorway of another year,
    Scuffing the dancefloor, describing circles in the sawdust.

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