Where’s Andrew?

Must be the longest break between entries since I got this blog up and running… I’m currently working on an article for ANAT, rather late actually, in the waiting lounge at Vienna airport on route to the APC Council meeting in Varna, Bulgaria. After which I’ll be based in Austria for two weeks completing my a new sound work, Frequency Wars, as part of a series I’ve been curating for KunstRadio. Other works in the series consist of pieces by Warren Burt, Ollie Olsen, Steve Law, Jin from China and Pei from Taiwan.

My work at OPENChannel has been nothing short of intense, but inspirational none-the-less. Since getting back from Korea I’ve done little but get my head around the organisation and my role there. But there’s also been a move, a house and studio move which was extensive… So, if you haven’t heard from me it’s not due to anything other than limited brain space and a distinct lack of net access from home… It’s amazing how much more time one has for all those things one forgets to do when online!

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