Where’s Andrew?

The Starlight ShackCurrajuggle Creek, Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. I’ve been here since 14 Sept and will stay on for another couple of weeks unless work keeps me here or leads me back to Melbourne. Otherwise, I’m planning to be in Sydney for late October (Akira’s birthday) and then Brazil from 2 November (APC Board and Council Meeting).

Drifting, at this time, with infrequent computer use and even less access to the Net, appeals to me greatly!

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4 thoughts on “Where’s Andrew?”

  1. Hi, Andrew
    You won’t find our Prime Minister wandering around in the Southern Highlands!
    If you’re coming to Sydney, please look us up. Unplugged sounds like a good idea …well…

  2. I’d only recently discovered the “other” Andrew Garton via MySpace! It could get confusing… but no, it ain’t I… I played at the Braidwood Folk Club recently though 🙂

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