We live at the edge of our time in history. People want to feel secure and comforted. Difficult to do so when the people you might want to be with are tens of thousands of km’s away from you… physically and/or emotionally.

“Everything is over. Life can’t be happier.” Tintin

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One thought on “Where?”

  1. Friends are as close as the first step! Take it…
    * * * *
    “But tell me, Circe, who is to guide me on my way? No one has ever sailed a black ship to Hell.
    Odysseus, the goddess answered me, don’t think of lingering on shore for lack of a pilot. Set up your mast, spread the white sail and sit down in the ship…”
    –from Odyssey, x, 501-7 (E.V, Rieu trans), quoted by Brigid Brophy in Black Ship to Hell

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