Whales in the Bay

Whales in the Bay is a song composed by Roy MacGregor… This piece lingers in my sonic memory of Kalk Bay. Although I had not seen the whales, I’m told they come into the Bay, right up to the piers and spend several days and nights chilling out there.

Roy had also produced this accompanying video clip, shot entirely from those Kalk Bay piers on a hand-held DV-cam by.

Whales in the Bay is sung by Jacques Coetzee, a pianist, songwriter and poet with whom Roy had lived with some where around 1999 / 2000. I’d had a go at sweetening this mix and did some touch-ups on the final edit… This piece had been considered entirely lost until it was found, on the 1st of April 2008, whilst Roy was packing for his Kalk Bay departure.

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