WENT-India 2003

Justina recently completed perhaps the last Women’s Electronic Network Training (WENT) in Mumbai, India.

Justina and her colleague, Pi (Womens Hub, Manila) trained 20 women from various NGOs, reflecting a significant demographic of the women’s movement and organisations dealing with women’s and children’s issues.

When the training was completed she spent a few days in Goa, now back in Mumbai and staying with an old friend and colleague of mine, Suchit Nanda, she is preparing to return to Melbourne.

During the course of her stay in India she kept a detailed, moving and challenging account of her experiences in a photo journal, perhaps the most engaging document thus far on Toy Satellite.

WENT-India 2003 is well worth a read, providing an insight to the challenges faced by women, both local and foreign in an ancient culture, ruptured by colonialism and values that lean far too heavily against women.

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