Varna Food Diary 01

2005-10-02_Bulgaria 011.jpg

This was actually the first meal I’d had in Bulgaria and it was consumed at Sofia airport. It was a kind of stew with egg… the egg was actually baked!

2005-10-04_APC-CM 001.jpg

A typical breakfast… I’ve had two here now and it’s unlikely I’ll photograph each and every one… much like lunch and dinner, each meal seems to resemble the next.

2005-10-04_APC-CM 037.jpg

A kind of shredded beet salad served up with lunch, typically pork and gravey… today we had tomato sauce with peppers… What, no photos? Sorry, I ate each server faster than I could get to the camera. Why? Well, whilst others complained, I dug in as so much of this food I hadn’t eaten since I was last in Eastern Europe and prior to that, at the family dinner table. Yum! Better start running on that beach!!!

2005-10-04_APC-CM 038.jpg

Rice ball with yoghurt, cucumber and onion. Goes down well with a thick slice of black bread and unsalted butter.

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4 thoughts on “Varna Food Diary 01”

  1. Perhaps a new book is in order – “AG’s Adventures Through Cullinary-Space” 🙂

    At least this isn’t like Pond Soup – you can pretty much see what you’re getting with this stuff 🙂

  2. This multicultural experience should be added to the already bulging palette of exotic delights available for the non-peripatetic aussie palate. Photographing all those dishes, did you have to explain to the anxious owners that you weren’t from the Ministry of Health?

  3. Actually, a baked egg can be had at the Charles Street, Fitzroy cafe. My partner had one there only a week ago–baked egg on a bed of baby spinach leaves and asparagus with I-know-not-what sauce.

  4. wait till we move to the viennese food diary. only a selection of what was consumed. most meals were quite similar, or semmilar if we were to make a pun with semmile, the popular roll that needs to be consumed within 2 hours of baking.

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