Varna, Bulgaria

The APC Council meeting is being held on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria. Varna is known for its holiday destinations, in particular the sprawling resorts that were favoured by the Communist elite.

2005-10-02_Bulgaria 008.jpg

This is the view, at 7am, from my room, now converted into a micro-production suite…

2005-10-02_Bulgaria 009.jpg

The view with my room…

That the APC Council and staff are here for their bi-annual meeting I find, I must admit, alarming. The Imperial Hotel, one of many on this compound, contains so much timber panelling it was hard not to imagine several football fields worth of Black Forest having gone into the making of the dining room alone!

The APC slogan says, “Internet and ICTs for social justice and development”. Sorry, but I can’t imagine this resort representing the values from which this statement was born.

It’s my understanding, in the light of this 2nd day in Varna, that would the organisers have chosen any other venue in Bulgaria we would not have had the service offered here. No internet, poor food, poor infrastructure… Why we are here is perhaps more about the local situation… that said, service is good here and the walk from the hotel to the meeting rooms, one that takes you along the beach, is really quite stunning.

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2 thoughts on “Varna, Bulgaria”

  1. Well, yes and no.

    To find a good hotel in Bulgaria with GOOD internet access and large halls for meetings at the same time, and the hotel NOT to be too much comfortable and luxury, this is almost impossible… We just have to accept it, I guess

    I suppose some day there will be many hotels, with no such luxury but with decent internet access and halls large enough… but not now:)

    Maybe in the next meeting of APC in… Bulgaria? 😉

  2. hence scratching out part of that post since discovering the lack of such accomodation in Bulgaria.

    to be fair, the rest of that coast line was by far more tasteless than where we had stayed and worked. there were plenty of lovely spots for us to hang out in after workshops and meetings which were greatly appreciated.

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