The Last Jam!

Alez Bozas, Roy MacGregor and I, as we were all living in the Portofino Building, got together from time to time, hitting up our guitars with what ever was going down at the time. This piece is the final jam. It was also the last night Roy and I would spend there with Roy moving to The Crags the following day and I onto Nairobi, then Istanbul, Johannesburg and eventually back to Melbourne from where I’m now sat, cold fingers and feet to prove it!

The video was shot by Mr Chasmodius on a Sanyo waterproof camera. The roughness can be attributed to the fact that the camera records direct to MPEG4 which had to be transcoded for this edit.


It’s not entirely perfect, but there’s a lovely spontenaety amongst us and some great ideas… It was also the last of what Roy and I called, the Ferrari series! Listen for our speed guitar moments, which I might add, consistently surprised us both!

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2 thoughts on “The Last Jam!”

  1. sounds great! you’re all so into the moment.
    I ended up buying some fasil music so I know what you were all talking about now.

  2. Thanks Kath…

    Fasil can be amazing… I don’t have any where near enough of it. I keep hearing of terrific concerts in Istanbul. I must return…

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