The ancient parish of GARTON

On the trail of family references. How “Garton” got to Trogir or Novisad, where our father was most likely born, to a Red Army guard, is a mystery!

The ancient parish of GARTON is located “…in the wapentake and liberty of Holderness; 9 miles NE. of Hedon…”, England. Could this be where our family name originated from?

Here’s an aerial photograph of Garton.

And from my brother, Rod:

“I’ve been carrying around a note I wrote once when talking with Vatti over the phone, in the early 80s, when I asked him about where he was born, his connections with Yugoslavia. All I can make out now are these scattered lines:

draga drugarica
stayed in Dubrovnik, port
been in Trogir as boy
Novisad went to school, 75 km from Belgrade, shifted through 3 places there
Ja birda date
vidim skoro

that’s it…”

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9 thoughts on “The ancient parish of GARTON”

  1. I can remember once meeting someone whose surname was Garton too. And she said her husband’s family came from England. Also when i mentioned that to Pa he said he knew that man (guess thru’ the pub) and yes.. true.. his name did originate from England and I have a vague memory that it was part French also. Thought that could be closer because of his dad being French Canadian??Ahh, who knows! am not one anymore anyway… not on paper. Probably plagerised from Gartoninkski anyhow!

  2. Was Pa’s father really French/Canadian? That’s where he ended up, but didn’t he meet Oma in Yugoslavia?

  3. There are two towns in Yorkshire where our family may have originated. Garton and Garton-on-the-wolds. The name is a mixture of old English and old Viking. It means, basically, a fenced in farm.
    Leland Garton

  4. hello leland… thank you so much for writing…

    i am astounded by the revelation that ‘Garton’ is of old English and Viking origin! it is odd too, as very few in my family are fenced in so to speak.

    i would be very interested in any further information you may have…

  5. I have a problem with barb wire. The truth is bent and twisted. All one can do is stay tuned, stay informed and stir it up.

  6. Just an incredible shrinking world wide web moment. Was meandering around with Google and started looking at things “Garton”. Located one of the two little places in Yorkshire, England and then linked up with your site. Aren’t many Gartons here in the States and I’ve never been clear on where we came from. Pieced a few things together, mostly from the web. You mentioned something about “French” being involved. I recall reading that the surname Garton was originally “de Garton” and this probably stems from the Norman influence as they spoke French and invaded England in, what 1100? I think.

    A Distant Cousin, I’m sure,

    Geoff Garton

  7. hi, im a garton too!!! some of mine came from rudston, all in the same sort of area i suppose. they seemed to head towards bridlington and seem to have inhabitants in most villages in between!! the gartons im from married into the blacks who also lived at fudston but originated from norfolk i think. if your searching ancestors good luck!!! sandra garton

  8. I come from Hull, East Yorkshire. I travel the world in the oil industry, I dont come accross many with our name. I am sure its originates in either of the Garton villages in the area

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