Next time I’m faced with a blank web browser, I’ll turn over a new tab towards these incredible synthesizer sites, such as the gallery of Russian synths, packed with information and photos!

There’s even a piece on the Alexandr Nicolaevitch Skryabin (ANS), named after the composer of the same name. The ANS is considered the first Russian synth developed between 1937 to 1957.

“ANS is an instrument that makes it possible to – literally – draw music. All the processes running in the synthesizer are rather complex; they consist in rotation of glass disks with images and in interaction of various devices and lamps. Sounds are preliminary drawn on the glass disks, after which the playback of the recorded music is possible. ANS has a 72-element octave.”

And for those of us who love to drool over other people’s cool studios and gear… especially the gear, Santuarios is a Spanish site dedicated to the subject. There’s Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Wendy Carlos and even Isao Tomita to name just a few.

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