Syn-Urbania research

Last Sunday I left for Seoul where I will be spending two weeks researching a joint CC project between Toy Satellite and Jinbonet, CC partners in Seoul in collaboration with Art Center Nabi and in association with the Australian Embassy Seoul.

We aim to establish a bi-lingual Creative Commons site, with support from, that will feed content to various resources being developed for a collaborative sound and video performance to be staged in Seoul during the late 1/4 of the year (1-2 Oct TBC).

The performances, conducted by some of the most established and well respected electronic composers in Australia along with Korean artists, both emergent electronic artists and traditional musicians, will assist in promoting CC initiatives in both countries.

A preliminary web site has been established with additional information:

This research trip has been funded by the Association for Progressive Communications and the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

One of the problems I suspect we will face is acceptance of our work by the Australian Performing Rights Association. We need to get our arguments very clear… I believe will be meeting with them shortly to discuss further how both initiatives can compliment each other towards the benefit of artists and cultural development as a whole.

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