Supporting Damo Suzuki…

I had the good fortune and honor to support Damo Suzuki during his Never Ending Tour, on his second performance in Melbourne.

Legendary avant, or space-rock outfit, Germany’s CAN, recorded their first four albums (from 1970 – 73) with the charismatic and energetic Damo Suzuki at the vocal helm.

Damo has been an a world tour throughout the 90s and now into the early years of this century, performing with numerous musicians and bands in what he calls Damo Suzuki’s Network.

On the 27th of January Damo will perform in Melbourne with Ollie Olsen (AKS), Antediluvian Rocking Horse (Laptop/Turntable Dada Artists), Davey Williams (Drums) and Edmomd Ammendola (Bass).

I’m honored to be have been invited to support Damo Suzuki on the 27th. I’ll be featuring my new body of work, Son of Science (SOS). Appearing with me will be Steve Law (laptop, synthesiser), John Power (video), Mark Tallon (Vocals) and David Forbes (tabla).

Where: Revolver, Chapel St, Melbourne
When: 27 January, 10pm sharp to late

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3 thoughts on “Supporting Damo Suzuki…”

  1. Damo did vocals on a new release from Ninja Tune artist Sixtoo.
    due out on the 23!
    Thought you might want to know!


  2. hi andrew, found a link to you on google. I’m helping support damo this saturday. we did a gig with him earlier in the year. i nearly cried during the soundcheck. it was awesome. what a top bloke. good to know that there are a lot of people out there tuned in to can and stuff that can’t be pinned down. hope you keep that spirit alive in your own work. anyway, just thought i’d say hello.


  3. thanks for keeping the “network” alive… and yes, the spirit is very much sustained in my work. can’s legacy, damo’s grace and energy will continue to inspire well beyond our life times.

    if you pop back here again, let me know where i may find some of your music. some of my earlier work can be found at


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