Son of Science @ SHED 4

Son of Science @ SHED 4Son of Science appeared at the OPEN CHANNEL SHED 4 launch, 5 July, performing a rare 15 minute set in one of the largest remaining industrial spaces in Melbourne.

The new new line-up: Adrian Symes on reeds and Chip Wardale on bass. Mark Tallon (vocals), John Power (visuals) and myself on everything else. Adrian and Mark may be remembered for their strange and enigmatic days as No More Bandicoots!

Back in the studio soon to get these new parts down… when I’m not writing it’s generally the best time to do this kind of studio work.

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2 thoughts on “Son of Science @ SHED 4”

  1. Hello Andrew,
    just forwarding a correction, which is probably important to those people who played in the band No More Bandicoots
    Chip Wardale did not play in this band.

    Just keeping the facts straight.
    Brian Robinson
    (bass player of No More Bandicoots)

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