Secession: Draft Manifesto

What is to be done? The conscription of ideas, ownership and policing of creative “property” is under such a culture of control and power it is likely no dramatic change, no matter the concerns and actions from the ground, will take place.

What is suggested is that the “ground” moves beyond its perceived lowly status to that of a revered, necessary and perhaps desired position. As such, we call for an intellectual, creative, professional and even emotional secession from the mainstream.

The secession is one of the mind, whereby one retains infrastructure relationships with the society of necessary support structures, but moves the requirements for social stimulation, creative exploration and intellectual pursuits amongst those that have themselves seceded, establishing themselves within a global community of shared concerns. Rather than perusing change at the mainstream, we breakaway from it, living to our standards, creating and distributing ideas and creative produce only amongst ourselves.

We would create a secession club of sorts. The structure of the club protects secessionists from the legal implications of such an act. Only participating members may engage with the secession.

Products of the secession may be music, literature, recipes, and other forms of information. It is a necessary process of self-education in a world rapidly steering itself away from subtle emotional developments, memories that inspire and evoke, and creative pursuits that cannot be modified.

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