Sarawak WOK

After being driven to Dhaka airport in an ambulance and missing my flight to KL and the connecting flight to Kuching, I resigned myself to accepting what ever happens and move on from there. It took digging deeper into my pockets, flying to Bangkok, then onto KL and a 10 hour wait till a 5am flight to Kuching. Eventually, I made it to Sarawak. A day late, 48 hours without sleep and ripped on adrenalin!

2006-04-24_kuching 004
Malay home, Kuching

After a day dissecting the inequities that abound in and around Kuching, testing the laksa and kollo mee, my mate, Mr X and I, got to talking about the immanent Sarawak elections. Some years ago Mr X contracted c2o / Toy Satellite to create Rengah Sarawak using a publishing tool we had written called The WOK. After discussing with Mr X how it could be used during the elections it occurred to me that we had in fact created a very early blog application. We were using it as a publishing tool for news based sites as well project tracking and as a form of journal. More CMS’s appeared on the market, blogs arrived and the WOK was shelved.

However, it’s alive an well in Sarawak and being used as a blog, documenting issues and commentary leading up to the election on 20 May.

From Rengah Sarawak, protest at IMES

The WOK was an early adopter of RSS. Both Rengah Sarawak and the other remaining WOK site support RSS. AIDWATCH have been using the WOK since 1999, nearly as long as Rengah Sarawak. The WOK first surfaced in 1997-1998. So it goes…

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