RMIT’s shifting URLs

Up until recently I was listed as an RMIT Alumni with the resource ID, 22! Somehow this has changed to 225. Is this of any concern? It is to me and it should be for RMIT. Why? Two reasons.

  1. RMIT Alumni may use those links as reference, as we are encouraged to, to assist in job and applications, project proposals, etc… all of which I have done. When links change and people who will be affected aren’t notified, it is embarrassing to say the least to have potential project partners hit on dead links.
  2. I also like the number 22!

It concerns me, and it should others involved with the institution that is RMIT University, that quality control of such an important resource as their web site is not effectively monitored nor does it appear to be of relevance. Take their home page for instance…

As an institution that prides itself on its many schools of design, their home page breaks many basic design principles and does nothing to alleviate it above the rest of the swamp that has become higher education in this country.

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One thought on “RMIT’s shifting URLs”

  1. The RMIT Alumni website is not part of the RMIT Web Publishing System. It is known internally as a “a rogue site”.

    For reasons unknown, the RMIT Alumni website is the only RMIT website that is not part of the RMIT Web Publishing System that is still allowed a direct link from the RMIT homepage and all other pages. Every other link or news item that appears on the RMIT homepage must be a link to a page within the RMIT Web Publishing System.

    Yet even if the RMIT Alumni website were part of the RMIT Web Publishing System, there is no guarantee that the people maintaining it would take care to preserve long-term hyperlinks, much less do a Google search on who is linking to that URL before they change it to get an idea of the impact, perhaps let people know or ensure that redirections are in place. Or at the very least, provide a friendly Error 404.


    The central ITS group at RMIT recently redeveloped their website. This central IT group includes a Web Team who support people using the Web Publishing System, and a Project Office who provide a methodology and service for project management of IT-related projects across the university. Alas! No one thought to engage dedicated professional and experienced web personnel to oversee this project. Neither did they use their very own project management methodology.


    Perhaps the answer lies on this page about Quality at RMIT:;ID=2nxd9sspgt0i

    This page has remained unchanged for more than 12 months now. Whenever things at RMIT get me down, I go to that page and find solace.

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