Requiem in AM

It’s been well over three months now since KunstRadio first invited me to propose a new piece for production and broadcast. The idea being that I would produce and perform the work during my stay in Austria. After much musing, reading and eyes to the sky, it was a walk through Graz’s Schlossbergplatz early this evening that the piece came to me, bringing together my solo voice work, spectrum concerns and the recent collaboration with PD maestro, Frank Barknecht.

Requiem in A Modulation is multi-modal radiophonic composition for solo voice, aleatoric[1] micro-tonal scales and valve radios. Inspired by Mozart’s Requiem in A Minor, Requiem in A Modulation is a mass mourning the passing of amplitude modulation – the analogue broadcast spectrum. Commissioned by KunstRadio for live broadcast, on-air and online, 2 December 2008.

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