Relay, Seoul

Finally, after 3 trips to Seoul, my first official gig! I performed at what seems to be Seoul’s only experimental sound and video event, Relay. It’s run in tribute to a Japanese musician who had initiated these events, but was recently departed regardless of the fact that he made no money what so ever from these endevours.



Here’s the local crew (sans Seongah Shin who took group photos) and friends at around 5am Saturday morning, quite a few hours after the gig. The few I remember are local label manager Han-Kil Ry (far right), sound artist Sang Tae Jin (to the left of Han-Kil), David the anthropologist (to the left of Sang), behind me and to my right is a cellist and to his second right, his cousin, video artist Jung-Ho Choi. Missing from this outing is Soo-whan Choi who performed a most remarkable piece, is also a member of the band Yellow Kitchen.

We’d spent the night eating, drinking and planning. In a few days I’ll have organised a recording session with about 4 of these people including a young cellist studying in Switzerland and eager to explore contempory music and approaches, as well as Seongah, a local composer and teacher, the only Korean woman I have so far met who writes electronic music.


Hanging outside the venue, IRI Cafe, a very lovely spot indeed. More notes to come as I get my laptop on line.















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2 thoughts on “Relay, Seoul”

  1. thanks for your tune at relay. i was excited playing with you & Joe. It was good experienced for me. have a nice day in Korea and see you soon 🙂

  2. sangtae jin, thank you so much… it’s taken me a while to find the time to comment here, but i would like to thank everyone again for their participation. i hope to see you all again in 2006.

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