Rangoon found!!!

Many years ago, 1978 to be precise, I was enchanted, wide-eyed and glued to the radio at every episode of “What’s Rangoon to you is Grafton to me”. In recent years I’d been trying to remember this Ozzie classic, particularly as John Power and I’d been going through a Captain Goodvibes retrospective. John had gone so far as to track down early drawings found at the State Library of NSW.

Ok, so I couldn’t remember the radio play, but Justina had recently put a link up to Simon Rumble’s site and lordy lordy! Man, not only has he a link to the script he has a recording of the entire piece! Just in time too as I’ve only recently finished my first psychedelic album, and I couldn’t have done with more input I can tell you…

So, here it is… “What’s Rangoon to you is Grafton to me.” Simon… one day we’re going to share a few ales in a cosy London pub.

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2 thoughts on “Rangoon found!!!”

  1. I carried around a rather poor quality copy of Rangoon to Grafton on a cassette for some years (probably a 2nd or 3rd generation copy at that), ultimately transferred it onto a DAT tape just to preserve it (despte the limited quality). Finding a copy that reflects the original recording is quite amazing!
    I first heard it sharing a ride down from Sydney to the snow in the winter of 1982, and was blown away by the imagery. Anyway, enough psychobabble.. AWESOME JOB IN POSTING THE MP3 – MANY, MANY THANKS!!

    Steve Lewis

  2. Thanks, Steven… All credit must go to Simon Rumble and his mates for ensuring such a cultural icon is sustained and available.

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