Preston does Gershwin

The Preston Symphony Orchestra performed Gershwin’s first concerto Sunday afternoon. Justina sat at the front desk of the second violins…

It was an astounding performance for a community orchestra, but given I had not really heard this piece before, it may have been sensational in any setting. However, I enjoyed the “loose” feel, the odd pitching, the murmurings of a baby in the audience… the flickering lights were a little annoying though.

The piece came with typically American characteristics… the Scott Joplin ragtime influences in the piano, the sweeping crecendos that speak of a grandness and humanity, perhaps echos of the Bill of Rights, an aural fiest from a time when America was good, was still, despite the industrialism, seen as hope and sanctuary for many the world over. Gershwin spoke to us of those times, from those times, that resonate now, but less so the culture, more so the collective consciousness of humanity, that we can create such sound, such rich sonoriums that remove us from our whimsical ways.

It’s out with Parker’s “Night in Tunisia”, track down Gershwin’s “Porgy & Bess” and Ellington’s “Black and Tan Fantasy”.

Justina’s photos from the performance.

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