Post-SOS Launch

Easter Sunday saw the launch of the Son of Science Ensemble at LOOP. A lot of effort went into that performance. A few people need to be thanked…

This is a personal thank you to everyone who made Sunday evening work despite the odds. I am deeply grateful for all the work, commitment and ongoing support this project has received.

I want to thank Robert, from Melbourne Publishing, for honoring our agreement and ensuring the retainer was covered. Quite rare in this industry. We all know that things could’ve been done better, but at the very least we got paid.

Special thanks to Paul for his mighty effort on Space Radio. Your work on the film is something to be truly proud of. Hope to see it on Eat Carpet for starters.

John, people are still raving about the visuals. There is no doubt about it, you ARE the third member of Son of Science!

Steve… what can i say? It just gets better…

Mark, thanks for helping us out on sunday evening… sorting out stuff like the lights and other logistics we had to suss out for ourselves, talking it up, belting it out.

Justina, for putting up with the rehearsals, cups of tea, coffee, the encouragement and unyielding support during some of my most challenging moments whilst writing for SOS and the critical weeks leading up to the launch.

I’m not so sure this was a launch… I’d wanted something a little more intimate. We weren’t expecting the stage, we had no time to arrange the venue to suit our needs, the energy on the street was lackluster… despite all this, we are making progress. Onwards and outwards…

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